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It’s a humble honor to serve as your North Pacific Regional Director. I have been immersed in the hospitality industry in a diversity of executive roles for more than a decade.

My goals as the North Pacific Regional Director include expanding engagement of the membership by increasing virtual and local town hall meetings, seminars, and educational presentations and working with local, and state governments and regulatory authorities. Key issues that I want to address include educating the region on Fair Franchising and Fair OTA practices.

As an industry, we must strengthen the AAHOA working relationships with local and state governments and become voices in Federal legislation that affects our industry. I believe that we must become involved in societal issues such as incline in displaced communities in our region which affect the neighborhoods and cities that have an adverse impact on the footprint and services of the hospitality industry.

I believe that the handful of weather events over the last couple of years are a warning to the hospitality industry. We must actively engage with government at every level to address disaster preparedness, this includes educating our Members in innovative construction practices to protect and grow our industry.


Upcoming Events

AAHOA 2023 North Pacific Regional

Date: 9/6
Location: San Jose, CA

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2023 AAHOA North Pacific Charity Golf Tournament

Date: September 26th, 2023
Location: Bay View Golf Club

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