Every AAHOA Member is eligible to make a contribution and join the AAHOA PAC.

To receive assistance on how to contribute, AAHOA Members should email pac@aahoa.com.


On May 6, 1998, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association submitted a Statement of Organization to the Federal Election Committee, thereby creating AAHOA PAC. During the 2004 cycle, with receipts totaling $7,004, AAHOA PAC contributed for the first time to two candidates: $4,000 to then-Congressman Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and $1,000 to Senator Harry Reid (D-NV). Since that time, AAHOA PAC has grown into one of the top-five hotel industry PACs, with receipts totaling more than $1,000,000. Thanks to our members' dedicated efforts, AAHOA PAC supports a diverse group of elected officials and candidates who understand how government impacts the hospitality industry and are committed to prioritizing the needs of small-business owners.

Contributions and Decision Making

AAHOA Government Affairs staff has implemented a point system whereby a candidate must receive a certain number of points before being considered by the AAHOA Government Affairs Committee for AAHOA PAC contributions. This system evaluates a candidate’s policy stances, committee positions, and more. The AAHOA Government Affairs Committee and AAHOA Board of Directors regularly entertain AAHOA PAC contributions.

Member Participation

The AAHOA PAC gives AAHOA the opportunity to advocate on behalf of its members on Capitol Hill and in state capitals across the country. AAHOA PAC would cease to exist without continual contributions and support from our members. All AAHOA Members are encouraged to become Members of AAHOA PAC and attend AAHOA PAC events in their regions, as well as in Washington, D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed, please contact pac@aahoa.com.

What is a PAC?

PAC stands for Political Action Committee. A PAC is formed for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect or defeat candidates. PACs usually form to represent certain interests, such as business, labor, or ideological.

How much can I give to AAHOA PAC?

Per calendar year, you are allowed to give up to $5,000, per the FEC.

Why should I give to AAHOA PAC?

By donating to AAHOA PAC, you will play a part in forging relationships with elected officials who oversee legislation and regulations impacting hoteliers.

Who makes the decisions? Can I have a say in which candidate my contribution goes toward?

The Government Affairs Committee, supported by AAHOA Government Affairs staff, oversees donations from AAHOA PAC. If you would like to suggest a legislator for AAHOA PAC to support, please email pac@aahoa.com

I am a Democrat/Republican. Does AAHOA PAC give only to one party?

AAHOA PAC was formed to impact public policy affecting the small-business community, specifically the hospitality industry. As a result, AAHOA PAC makes donations to legislators on both sides of the aisle who are on relevant committees, in leadership positions, or influencing policy that would make a difference for our members.

I would like to make sure my donation goes only toward a contribution to a candidate from the state where I reside. Is that possible?

No. AAHOA PAC makes donations to legislators who are on relevant committees, in leadership positions, or influencing policy that would make a difference to our members.

Where can I donate?

To contribute, click here.

To contribute, click here, or sign into ams.aahoa.com and click on "PAC" in the top menu.

*PAC Disclaimer: 

I understand the purpose of AAHOA PAC and have been informed that all contributions are voluntary. All contributions to AAHOA PAC are for political purposes. I am free to give more or less than the suggested amounts or not at all without reprisal. I am a U.S. citizen or foreign citizen lawfully admitted for permanent U.S. residence. I understand that federal law requires AAHOA PAC to make its best effort to report to the Federal Election Commission the name, address, occupation, and name of the employer of the contributor and the date and contribution amount for each individual whose contribution exceeds $200 per calendar year. Contributions to AAHOA PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.