Governing Documents


AAHOA Bylaws

Amended: September 2, 2023

The AAHOA Bylaws are the fundamental rules by which AAHOA governs itself.

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AAHOA Governance Policy

Amended: September 22, 2023

The AAHOA Governance Policy defines and guides appropriate relationships between AAHOA, its board of directors, and its chief executive.

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AAHOA COGD Submission Form

Submit an amendment to the AAHOA Governance Policy. For more information, see AAHOA Bylaws Art. X.

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AAHOA Membership Application

Help build a stronger AAHOA by joining today. To learn more about the benefits of AAHOA Membership, click here.

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Request for Information

AAHOA values the input of its members. If you have questions or comments, please raise them here. We will do our best to provide a timely response, giving priority to our members.

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