2024 Elections Resource Center

Elections Resource Center

This 2024 Elections Resource Center will provide all the information you need to learn about AAHOA's electronic voting process and how you will prepare to cast your ballot in the 2024 AAHOA Elections. 

Watch the video below for a complete overview of the election process. You can also review the complete nine steps to vote in the AAHOA 2024 Elections here.

What You Need to Know

To participate in the voting process, you’ll need to ensure these four things:

  1. You’re eligible to vote.

  2. You have a valid and unique email address and mobile phone number on file in MyAAHOA.com.

  3. You have access to a smartphone to utilize the 2024 Elections voting app, Voatz.

  4. You complete the credentialing process between March 18 and March 29, which confirms your identity and prepares you to cast your ballot on April 4.

Navigating Elections

Interested in Voting?

To learn more about voting eligibility, download the Voter Eligibility Rules infographic. If you're an Annual Member, you must have paid your annual membership dues no less than twice in the previous three calendar years and be a paid member at the time of the election.

Ensure you’re eligible to vote by checking your voter eligibility status in MyAAHOA.com using the MyBallot feature.


Visit My Ballot in MyAAHOA

How to Vote: The Nine-Step Process

Visit this page or download the infographic to review the complete nine steps to cast your ballot in the 2024 AAHOA Elections.


How to Vote: The Complete Process

Important Deadlines and Reminders

The credentialing process, which verifies your identity to cast your ballot in the 2024 AAHOA Elections, begins on March 18 and closes on March 29. This 12-day window is the ONLY opportunity you’ll have to complete this important step. 

Important! If you do NOT complete the credentialing process within the specified timeframe, you WILL NOT be able to participate in the 2024 AAHOA Elections


Learn About Credentialing with the Voatz App

2024 Elections FAQ

Access our complete list of FAQ to better understand the electronic voting process for 2024. 


Access Our FAQ

Voatz App Resource Center

Visit the Voatz Website for quick links to download the Voatz app to your smartphone and access the Voatz FAQ and Voatz Voter Guide for more information on the credentialing process.

For those who have previously used Voatz, please use the same account information and don't try to create multiple Voatz accounts. 

Contact the help desk at support@voatzsupport.zendesk.com for any app troubleshooting. 


Visit the Voatz Website

Meet the Candidates

Click here to meet the 2024 candidates. Get familiar with the candidates so you’re ready to cast your ballot on Thursday, April 4. Note: Your ballot will contain the candidates running for national positions and any regional position serving your area.


Get Familiar with Candidates on the Ballot

Election Day Is April 4

Candidate Speeches

Each candidate will have an opportunity to speak to eligible voters, and there will be a Secretary debate during General Session, which begins at 9 a.m. on Thursday, April 4. AAHOA will also be live-streaming candidate speeches and the Secretary debate from AAHOA's YouTube Channel

Election Day

Thursday, April 4, 2024, is AAHOA Election Day. Eligible voters who have completed the credentialing process between March 18 and March 29 will be able to cast their ballot between 11 a.m. EDT and 5 p.m. EDT via their smartphones using the Voatz App. 

*Pursuant to AAHOA Policy 12.06(e)(ii), polls will open immediately following the Secretary debate, and times published are approximate. Tune in to the debate LIVE on AAHOA's YouTube channel or attend in person at the Orange County Convention Center, and be prepared to cast your ballot immediately after the debate concludes. 

Elections Results

2024 election results will be announced live from Orlando, between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. EDT and via AAHOA social media channels thereafter.