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We recognize that the needs of AAHOA Members vary widely based on their business, where they’re located, their goals as an entrepreneur, and more. That’s why AAHOA strives to provide the most comprehensive set of resources for hotel owners in the nation.

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Vendor Directory

AAHOA is here to directly connect you with the trusted vendors. Easily connect with AAHOA Industry Partners and Allied Members who are ready to help you grow your business and protect your investments. Our new Vendor Directory allows you to search by region, vendor type, and more.

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Exclusive Member Programs

Through Industry Partners and Association Partners, AAHOA provides exclusive member programs that are designed to help you make money, save money, and protect your investments.

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Market Reports

Get the latest data and analysis from industry experts and service providers such as Trust Securities, STR, CBRE, and more.

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Advocacy Resources

From letter templates and downloads, to toolkits and one-pagers, AAHOA makes it easy to advocate at the grassroots level on state and local and federal initiatives.

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AAHOA Reports

Get the latest scoop from AAHOA on the industry’s latest challenges, opportunities, and more via our exclusive members-only reports.

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Membership Navigation Resources

Make the most of your membership with our Membership Navigator resource center. Learn how to access membership information, register for an event, access webinars, how to get help, renew your membership, and more.

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Let AAHOA do the work for you! We gather and collect the latest information, resources, and news from across the web and deliver what you need to know directly in your inbox.

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Join the collective strenght of nearly 20,000 hoteliers from across the nation. With AAHOA you never have to do it alone. Learn more about hte value of AAHOA Membership.

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